Affiliation: Himself

Species: Godzillasaurus

Number of Individuals: 10

Threat Level: Extreme


Godzilla is a large Godzillasaurus who was one of the subjects of Project: Necromancy. He is one of the most powerful monsters to ever be.

The Great War at the Start

200px-GMK Godzilla 1

Godzilla appeared, lured by Project: Necromancy. He, however was lured away by Gigan, and was then seemingly killed under the waves.


200px-1 large

Meanwhile, a young Godzilla called Minilla was found, and Godzilla resurfaced and found him. However, Project: Necromancy found him and unleashed Destroroyah. The two monsters fought, but Godzilla eventually defeated him. Then Project: Necromancy unleashed a disguised Fake Godzilla. Godzilla burned off his skin and revealed him to be Kiryu. Godzilla then blew Kiryu up and returned to the sea.

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